1. Which actor played Neil in "The Young Ones"?
  2. If you are getting off a train at Waverley station, in which UK city would you be?
  3. Which country did Ceaucescau rule from 1965-1989?
  4. In the theatre what name is given to the part of the stage that projects out into the audience?
  5. What animal is associated with the beginning of an MGM film?
  6. Into what sea does the Nile flow?
  7. Three continents lie on the Tropic of Capricorn, South America is one, name the other two
  8. In American currency 10 cents make a what?
  9. Afrikaans was developed from which European language?
  10. What Italian word for ‘Sratched Drawing’ can be found on walls all over the world?
  11. What was the name of the first manned lunar landing mission in 1969?
  12. What poisonous oily liquid occurs naturally in tobacco leaves?
  13. In which country was Rudyard Kipling born?
  14. What is the gemstone for September?
  15. What is the common name for the Auora Borealis?
  16. Which large animal is the only creature thought to produce its own sun tan lotion from its natural secretions?
  17. Which Greek author was famous for his fables?
  18. Which 1988 western saw Emilio Estevez play ‘Billy The Kid’ alongside Charlie Sheen and Kiefer Sutherland?
  19. Where in London is there a bronze statue of Charlie Chaplin?
  20. Who is reported to have played his fiddle while Rome burned?


1 Nigel Planer 2 Edinburgh 3 Romania 4 Apron 5 Lion 6 Mediterranean 7 Australia, Africa

8 Dime 9 Dutch 10 Graffitti 11 Apollo XI 12 Nicotine 13 India 14 Sapphire

15 Northern Lights 16 Hippopotamus 17 Aesop 18 Young Guns 19 Leicester Square 20 Nero